If you want to know how to unlock this hidden level, then head here.

One of the most beautiful levels in the entire game in my opinion. However it's probably a level with most bugged secrets. So, let's get started, shall we?

Secret #4 is bugged, and most of the times you won't be able to obtain the Golden Chest that appears in that place.

Secret #1 (sure to spawn)

Easy to obtain, easy to miss too. The chest is right at the end of the cave. To get to the chest to need to do the roll from the high ground to the left of the Golden Chest.

Secret #2 (sure to spawn)

Another easy to miss. The path to the chest is not obvious, as I didn't see it until somebody gave me a video on how to get there.
You see this log path to the left of the Golden Chest? That's the place from which you will be able to get to the chest. The entrance to the log path is where you can see a two block gap. Simply go there as it will lead you to the high ground from which you will be able to access it.

Secret #3 (a chance to spawn)

One of the few places made random. On that peninsula you may find this secret, where you need to fight with a few waves of mobs to obtain the Golden Chest. The location of it can change during your playthrough, so keep an eye for it!

Secret #4 (a chance to spawn, bugged)

Tricky and bugged one. As you can see on the second screen, in front of that chest is another small 'island'. I couldn't get to that, so I won't be able to show you that chest. But this shows enough.
To make the chest appear, you need to roll into that small 'island' and literally just touch it. Good luck with trying to get them! But if you do, share it on our Discord!

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