As you may know, in Minecraft Dungeons you can find only two NPCs in your camp at this moment.

First one is Blacksmith. It's the first NPC you will unlock after you beat Creeper Woods for the first time. This little dude sells you random gear. It can be weapon, armor or ranged weapon. You have a chance to acquire Unique gear. We don't know exact percentage for it, but it looks like their are small. In addition to that, the price and Gear Level depends on the host Gear Level. It variates from 80 to 160 emeralds. But trust me, it's worth it. Very worth. After you beat the game on Apocalypse he will drop you weapons with power which variates from 100 to 108.

The second one is Wandering Trader. You will unlock him after you beat the Pumpkin Pastures level. This pal is twice as expensive as Blacksmith. From him you can get random Artifact. Completly random. But I have bad news for you, right now there's no unique artifacts at this moment. Only Common (white) and Rare (green). Mechanics here works like with Blacksmith. But prices here are higher. This little enterprising guy will sell you random Artifacts starting from 160 to even 320 Emeralds! And, like with Blacksmith, after you beat the game on Apocalypse, Artifact power variates too from 100 to 108.

That's all for todays Full Guide series. I hope you enjoyed, and stay tuned for more!