Cacti Canyon. One of the two levels in which you may drop Fighter's Bindings. Second one is Soggy Cave. Don't be very jealous, as I will make a Full Guide on Epic Gear and how Epic Gear drops on a given level.

But today's Full Guide is not about it. It's about the Cacti Canyon secrets. Unfortunately there are only two secrets, and both of the are sure to spawn.

Secret #1 (sure to spawn)

Easy to spot on the map. It's a column on which you need to roll over. Once you will do it, a Golden Chest will reveal.

Secret #2 (sure to spawn)

Very easy to miss, if you don't know where to look for it. The button for that is right to the right of my character. The entrance will open behind the Blue Key. It will lead you to another Rune!

If you want to find more runes, then head here!

I hope you enjoyed todays Full Guide. And if you did, share it with your friends, as it will help us to grow our community! Or if your friends doesn't play this awesome game, just like stuff I post on Reddit!