Welcome again in another Full Guide series! Today I've looked on Creeper Woods secrets for you! I have searched the internet to see, if someone already made one with all secrets, but it seems noone did yet. So, let's get started!

INFO: I don't have much time now, because of my exams, so the news won't be regular for a two weeks most. And if you found a secret that I didn't list here, feel free to write it on our Discord or PM me directly (❄ Mikasa ❄#5122)! Last thing, I don't quite know which secret is 100% sure on the map, and which is not, so I won't use it here.

Secret #1 Wooden Chest

Right at the beggining of the map. Just get the path to the left, and go into path shown on the map. The chest will appear and you will be able to get it.

Secret #2 Map

Quite simple to find, because it will always be there. Simply click the button on the ground and go inside the crypt. Map will be on a pedestal inside.

Secret #3 Rune

Pretty easy to find. When you get to the point, where you have to rescue 5 Villagers, just head towards bottom-left side on the location, and you will find a stone pedestal. The button to open it is inside the cobblestone pile next to it.

Secret #4 Golden Chest

This could be tricky, because you need to get inside this wooden "structure" to reveal the chest. Secret #5, Secret #6 and Secret #7 are same, but could look little diffrent.

Secret #5 Golden Chest

Secret #6 Golden Chest

Secret #7 Golden Chest

That's everything I got you for todays Full Guide series. I hope you enjoyed, and stay tuned for new Guides!

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