Info: I don't know if I managed to find every single secret in Desert Temple, as I tried to find the ones you told me on Reddit, but I still haven't found them. So they won't be listed here as secret no. They will be listed as secrets 'rumors'.
When I have confirmation or screenshots I will update the Full Guide. Consider yourself warned!

Sand. Who does not like sand, right? Little grains getting everywhere, trying to annoy you. Just like the Arch-Illager thugs trying to kill you during exploration of this beautiful temple. But, as you may know, in beautiful, old temples secrets are hiding.

Secret #1 (sure to spawn)

I know there's 0/4, I just didn't enter the rune when I was taking the screenshot.

Easy to find, I already talked about it here, but I will remind you. On first screenshot you can see a lever on a wall behind a flower and to the left of the entrance. You only need to pull it, as it will reveal the entrance to the rune.

Secret #2 (a chance of spawn)

This one is easy to miss if you don't know where to search. Moreover, the room has two variants. Second variant is just a mirror image of the map shown in the 3th screenshot. You can jump there, and the entrance will open too, but there will be nothing.

Getting there is very easy. Do you the this ledge in the bottom left corner of first screenshot? You only need to roll from there, and the entrance will open itself.

Secret #3 (sure to spawn)

Best way to get there, is to go from the secret #2. You can easly spot the blocks which shows you the way to get out of there. And how to get this Golden Chest. From my information, the secret spawns in both variants, but I will be confirming it today, later this day.

Secrets rumors

#1 - This little boy is supposed to be right at the beginning of the level. When you get first stairs down, head right and somewhere near water a chest should appear.

#2 - This should be in the hallway before the golden key room. I don't know how does it looks like, or how to get there, but it was said to me on Reddit.

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