The Fiery Forge. Place from which all the Arch-Illagers war machines come from. The whole process is very complex. And you know what is complexed, too? Secrets in this level. I hope you enjoy reading!

Secret #1 (sure to spawn)

Sometimes easy to miss one. It's hidden literraly at the beggining, just before you're entering the Fiery Forge.

Secret #2 (sure to spawn)

Lever is just to the left of my character.

My personal first rune I have acquired during first game playthrough. If you want to find more runes, head here!

Secret #3 (a chance to spawn)

Sometimes, after you pass first hall upon entering the Fiery Forge, you may find an entrance to small area. And most probably, this small area will have Obsidian Chest like I shown upper.

Secret #4 (a chance to spawn)

One of the better looking secrets. After you click the Diamond Sword showed in first screenshot, you will trigger a fight with Arch-Illagers mobs. They will have a few waves, quite easy to defeat. After you defeat every single last of them, an entrance will open. Leading right to the sweet Obsidian Chest.

Secret #5 (a chance to spawn)

Secret #6 (a chance to spawn)

Secrets #5 and #6 are fighting-type secrets. After you trigger them by walking over them, a few waves of mobs will spawn. After you defeat them, a Golden Chest will apear next to the activated pylon.

Those two secrets are completly random ones. That means, you may not find a single one during your game, or you may find even 5 of them! So have that in mind, if you won't find only two of them.

Secret #7 (a chance to spawn)

Secret #8 (a chance to spawn)

Secret #9 (a chance to spawn)

Secret #10 (a chance to spawn)

Secrets #7, #8, #9 and #10 are just like Hollow trees ones from Creeper Woods. You only need to go under this characteristic arch to get the Wooden Chest.

Just like before, the number of them may be different every time you play this level. As it's generated very randomly, too.

Secret #11 (a chance to spawn)

The entrance to this rooms is found in the place, where you overload the cores. Simply look for an entrance that will show on your map. To get the Golden Chest, you only need to activare the pylon by walking over it. Then you simply defeat a few waves of enemies.

Secret #12 (a chance to spawn)

This one is exactly as #11 secret. Walk over the pylon, defeat the enemies and take the Golden Chest.

I hope you enjoyed todays Full Guide. And if you did, share it with your friends, as it will help us to grow our community! Or if your friends doesn't play this awesome game, just like stuff I post on Reddit!