Ah, Highblock Halls. The level just before the boss fight. Small hall areas with lots of Illagers interrupting your exploring. You may think, that this kind of are would have lots of secrets, right? Totally wrong. This bad boy has only 2 secrets. And unfortunately they are sure to spawn. Except those two, there's nothing more on this map.

Secret #1 (sure to spawn)

Easy to grab secret. You only need to click the left shield shown in the first screenshot. After that, you will unlock an entrance, in which a map will be. The map will give you a possibility to travel to Underhalls.

If you want to find other secret areas, then head here!

Secret #2 (sure to spawn)

Very simple. Just pull the lever that I stand next to in first screenshot.

If you want to find the rest of the Runes, then head here!

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