Hello there gamers and welcome to yet another today "Full Guide" tutorial series! Today I will be talking about the maps that allow you to go to the secret levels in Minecraft Dungeons. So let's get started, shall we?

Creepy Crypt (Creeper Woods, 100% chance of spawning )

First and easiest secret location to be found. Just explore whole Creeper Woods. That's quite it.

Soggy Cave (Soggy Swamp, not 100% chance of spawning)

This one is tricky to find. It doesn't have a 100% chance of respawning in the game. If you are just playing Soggy Swamp for Soggy Cave map, then here's what you need to do.

After you get into Soggy Swamp, press the Map button and look at secrets. If it's saying 0/2 secrets, then you got it! It can be found on the path just before the fight with the Cauldron.

Arch Haven (Pumpkin Pastures, not 100% chance of spawning)

This one is the worst one to find. The map and ship itself is not considered a secret in the game, what makes you run around the map trying to find it. And to that, some players have encountered a problem, in which they couldn't find the Arch Haven, if they didn't complete the Soggy Cave location.

And the most important thing. Where to find it? Well, I have found it just into the right path, where Secret #2 is. Sometimes there will be a crypt, or even a wall with nothing to give you. I didn't find any good advice to give you about small pirate ship spawn. It's just random. I hope you will find it fast in your gameplay!

Underhall (Highblock Halls, 100% chance of spawning)

Second easiest to find. It's just at the begging of the level, after a few mobs. You will find a staircase leading downstairs, and in the middle you will see two shields on the wall. You only need to interact with the one on the left. Entrance will open, and inside you will see the map.

??? (Runes)

And the last one. The Cow Level. It's unlocked after you collect all of the 10 runes. To find them all, I recommend you this tutorial which will help you with finding the runes.

I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope it has helped you with finding some maps! Until the next time, gamers!