Hello there, gamers and welcome to another part of Full Guide series! In this tutorial I will show you all secrets of the level called Pumpkin Pastures! Enjoy, and I hope it helped you!

Disclaimer: In this particular level, finding map for the secret locations is not listed as a secret (!!!), but I will put it here as secret #8.

If you have encountered any other secret, which is not listed below, come to our Discord and tell me that!

Secret #1 (not 100% chance of spawning)

Just at the beggining, if the boat has been placed like on the screenshot, there will be chest on this arch.

Secret #2 (100% chance of spawning)

Pretty easy one to get. Just roll over the gulf. Do it under the tree and you will find the chest.

Secret #3 (100% chance of spawning)

It's just the rune to aquire. All of them has been listed in this tutorial.

Secret #4 (not 100% chance of spawning)

I know there's 3/6 not 4/6. I just didn't enter the crypt to get it.

One of the three possible crypt possible. And I have found two locations for them. One is at the beggining, just go to the right lane from Secret #2. Second is on screenshot above.

Secret #5 and #6 (not 100% chance of spawning)

That's secret 6 out of 6.

In those two secrets I had a problem. I went to the crypt from the Secret #4 and running around killing mobs I have received Secret #5 out of nowhere. To be exact, it was near Secret #6. And Secret #6 is obsidian chest surrounded by mobs and pretty nice puzzles. Yes, you need to beat a puzzle to get into this chest. It's not hard, so we didn't list the solution to it.

Secret #7 (not 100% chance of spawning)

And to the secret. It's hidden inside the crypt, which can respawn in two places. One is where Secret #9 is, or where Secret #4 is. Dungeons inside crypt is mostly short, but you will find it while exploring. It's a big sarcophagus with a creeper head on it. After you click it, it unlocks and reveals golden chest.

Secret #8 (not 100% chance of spawning)

Yes, it's inside small little pirate ship.

This one is veeeery tricky, as we do not have every single information about it yet. The map provides you a secret level called Arch Haven. But getting it is quite hard. So let's get started!

Firstly, where to find it? It's not as easy as secret map on Soggy Swamp where you only need to look on the map, and check if there's two secrets  to find. As this map is not listed as a secret, you need to find it yourself. Most probably you will find it if you go to the right path at Secret #2. At least every single player found it there. And so did I.

Some players said, that they couldn't find it, if they didn't complete the Soggy Cave level. But for me it doesn't have sense. Yet, we can't be sure about that. If you got any proven information, that it is possible to get the Arch Haven level, without completing Soggy Cave level, then say it on our Discord!