I have been working on this guide quite from yesterday, and finally I have collected them all! If you have a problem with finding some of them, then you came to the right place! This guide will mostly be in pictures rather than text, because I thought it will be better to show you exact places than describing them.

Let's start with basic thing. For what do we need runes? To unlock main hidden level in the game. It's called "???" as it is one big secret. What it is? Well, we won't spoiler it here of course. Find out for yourself, or select the text (like you would've wanted to copy it) below!

Yes, it is the Cow Level. Who would have guessed?

Creeper Woods

Why save villagers, when you can get a rune?

Soggy Swamp

Pretty hidden button, ain't it?

Redstone Mines

Again hidden button. I guess they like it a lot.

Cacti Canyon

Button is hidden just behind the palm. I hope you won't miss it!

Pumpkin Pastures

One of the easiers to find.

Desert Temple

And now we got levers too. Clever, right?

Fiery Forge

Easiest rune to find, and first I have founded.

Highblock Halls

Tripwire. They always been tricky.

Obsidian Pinnacle

You need to click on the blue book to unlock it.

And that's pretty much all. I knew a few of them, so I just ran towards them to make screenshots. Rest was pretty tricky to find, because, as you can see, it wasn't a button every time. Sometimes lever, sometimes tripwire or even a book! I will be releasing more Full Guides series about secrets, hidden levels and basic game mechanics. Stay tuned, and have fun with those runes!