If you want to know how to unlock this hidden level, then head here.

As promised, another guide! Today I'll show you the 'secrets' of hidden level Soggy Cave. Whole level is very short, and doesn't quite have additional content except two secrets and one chest. It always spawns that way, so you can't find more stuff here. Yet, the chest is the best one possible. Obsidian Chest.

The secrets may be diffrent, than the one you will have during Your playthrough. You may have three variants here. One, where you have Secret #1 doubled, second where you have Secret #2 doubled, or the third one with both Secrets.

Secret #1

The secret here is to open the door with this little environment puzzle. This one is very easy, as you can open it with a few button clicks.

Secret #2

This one is quite tricky, as you got 4 buttons here. But fear no more, because all you need to do, is to get three middle blocks down, as one of the buttons rises them.

Well, that's everything this level has to offer. Very short, but the prize can be very worth the effort. Join our Discord, as our bots keeps you updated whenever I post new content here! Tomorrow I will show you everything about the Creepy Crypt secrets.