There's one magic word that will be used quite often - procedural generation. You don't know what does it mean? Well, no worries, we will tell you!

Procedural generation is, quite simply said, the total randomness in generating things like whole worlds (No Man's Sky, Minecraft), or in this case, the titled Dungeons. Like in Minecraft, AI makes new rooms in the dungeons with the assets made by hard-working developers. So even though there is stuff made by devs, the AI takes pre-made assets, mixes it and makes unique rooms for every playthrough. So that's basically all.

Yet, there are rooms that aren't generated randomly. As you may guess, those rooms are made to serve as landmarks. Every level has at least one, so that you won't get lost in the maze!

Things you read above were taken from the interview with level developers. If you're interested in their exact words, or you want to read a bit more, then you can go here! Hope you enjoyed, and stay tuned, as the premiere is coming fast, and so are new informations from Developers!