As I have thought, the DLCs are coming. And not only that, but they are coming very fast! If you have played 20 or more hours like me, then you know quite everything about the game and explored every single corner of it. Now all it remains is grinding legendary gear and gain more levels. Let's get started.

First DLC is called Jungle Awakens and will be coming in July! As you could have understood from the name, the action will take place in jungle. We will encounter there a few new types of enemies. Right now we know that we will encounter Leapleaf, Jungle Zombie and Poison Quill Vine.

The second DLC is Creeping Winter and we do not have any information about it. We just know, that it will be released later this year.

In addition to all of that, in the coming weeks we will be receiving a few free updates to the game. There will be cross-platform play functionality! And enigmatic information, that there will be cool new content available for everybody, regardless of edition. What will it be? I hope they will give us higher equipment level cap, and more demanding foes!

Stay tuned, as more information about DLCs, new content, and most important, more Full Guide series will be coming at days!